The 2015 Grizzly Has Been

This year’s Grizzly Century has been
cancelled. There have already been 3 major fires in the area, making for unhealthy, smoky air for a strenuous Century. The likelihood of more fires is high and in addition many of our volunteers work for the Forest Service and have spent most of the summer fighting fires, and if there are more, they will not be available for the ride. To be safe and avoid last minute complications, the Grizzly has reluctantly agreed that this our best course
All registration money and Sign Me Up fees will be refunded. Please be patient with us.

It is with heavy hearts that we do this.  Our ride has been an anchor event for our community for  23 years, our volunteers have been super dedicated, and we always look forward to serving riders at this event.  The ride has a fantastic reputation and many loyal riders and volunteers, that we have grown to know and appreciate.

The future of the ride is uncertain at this time.  With new, enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers the Grizzly may ride again.  Check our website in the spring for more information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause our loyal riders.


All proceeds above expenses are donated to the Sierra Vista National Byway and other community projects.
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