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Order the 2014 Grizzly Century Jersey
2014 jersey

Reserve yours today for $65 plus $4 Shipping and Handling


P.O. BOX 475

North Fork, CA 93643

You can also order the Floatin” Griz jersey for $60 + $4 S & H All Sizes as of September 15
Men's Small-1, Medium-6
Women's Small-1, Medium-4, Large-1, XL-1


or the Fireworks Griz for $60 + $4 S & H
Men's Small-2, XL-2
Women's Small-1, Medium-4, XL-2

2012 jersey

or the Climbin’ Griz for $60 + $4 S & H
Men's Small-1, Medium-2, XL-1
Women's Small-7, Medium-6, Large-3

Climbin' Griz13front

To order, e-mail to: and then snail mail your requested size (Women's S,M,L and Men's S,M,L,XL,XXL) and contact information along with a check or money order in the amount of $60. Include $4 for S\H if you would like us to mail the jersey to you!) to: This chart might help: You can also go to Voler’s sizing page at Voler Sizing
Note For Womens Sizes: Men’s sizes can substitute for women’s. Eg. men’s small may substitute for women’s medium, etc.

MEN’S Jerseys

Sizing Chart for VOLER



35 - 37
38 - 40
40 - 42
42 - 44
29 - 31
32 - 34
35 - 37
38 - 41

Because quantities are SO limited, please reserve and verify the availabity of your jersey via e-mail to: And be sure to Include $4 S/H and Shipping Information if you would like us to mail it to you.